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Architectural Detail Experts | A Blog by Worthington Millwork

The 5 Orders of Architectural Columns

How to Have the Beauty of Wood Columns Without the Issues

6 Common Questions About Delivering Your Fiberglass Columns and Other Products

What's The Difference Between Molded Fluted Columns And Adjustable Fluted Columns?

Sweets™ Offers Worthington Products

Fiberglass Columns VS. Wood Columns

6 Must Have Requirements When Buying A Polyurethane Balustrade System

10 Home Areas That Likely Need a Pro

Construction Contracts: How to Understand What You Are Buying

Your Complete Guide to Building Permits

The Hidden Problems in Old Houses

Construction Contracts: What to Know About Estimates vs. Bids

10 Tips for Choosing and Working With a Builder

11 Things to Expect With Your Remodel

How to Hire the Right Architect: Comparing Fees

Wright's Jaw-Dropping Hollyhock House

Victorian Dining Room Keeps It Formal Yet Fresh

Are Fiberglass Porch Columns Hollow?

How Much Do Porch Columns Cost?

What is the “Made in USA” Standard and Why is it Important?

10 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy Fiberglass Columns Online.

What is an "All Fiberglass" Porch Column?

Origins and Interpretations of the Bungalow Style Home

Porch Posts Versus Porch Columns, What is the Difference?

How to Read a Floor Plan

How to Bring Out Your Home’s Character With Trim

11 Shutters to Enhance Every Window

Budget Decorator: 10 Ways to Deck Out Your Patio

What is a Corbel/ Bracket?

Roots of Style: The 3 Waves of Italian Renaissance

Before and After: Beauty and Functionality in an American Foursquare

What You Need to Know When Considering a Cabana or Covered Patio

When Does a House Become a Home?

How to Spruce Up Your Patio for Summertime Fun

6 Ways to Create an Inviting Home Entrance

So You Want to Build: 7 Steps to Create a New Home

5 Remodels That Make Good Resale Value Sense — and 5 That Don’t

Building Permits: 10 Critical Code Requirements for Every Project

A Historic Charleston Charmer Home Is Reborn

10 Outdoor Room Ideas That Radiate Style

Pergolas Pump Up Curb Appeal

Houzz News - Meet Our Future of Architecture Winners

Renovation Detail: The Chippendale Balustrade

Outdoor Rooms: The Perfect Pergola

Lean on Me: Balustrades and Rails Through the Ages to Today

How to Install a Polyurethane Newel Post in 6 Steps

Simple Fiberglass Column Flashlight Test

5 Mind Blowing False Beliefs About Fiberglass Columns

Top 5 Ceiling Medallion Uses for 2015

11 Ways To Repurpose Shutters

Make a Mark With Medallions

Porch Life: 11 Inspirational Small Porches

Key Measurements to Help You Design the Perfect Front Porch

Renovation Detail: The Built-In Room Divider

7 Ideas to Get You Back on the Front Porch

What is a Architectural Column Cut Plan?

Global Architecture Style: Victorian

Worthington Millwork Best of Houzz 2015 Award Winner

Roots of Style: Classical Details Flourish in 21st-Century Architecture

How to Hire an Architectural Photographer

Roots of Style: Georgian Homes Offer Familiarity Through the Ages

3 Secret Tips for Contractors to Save Money on Architectural Products

The James Wade Bolton House - Column and Balustrade Case Study

Renovations Modernize a 1970s New Jersey Colonial With Columns

Wraparound Porches With Columns Have Curb Appeal Covered

Double Front Porches With Columns - Stack Up Comfort

American Architecture: The Elements of Federal Style

Crown Molding: Is It Right for Your Home?

Add a Touch of Elegance With a Ceiling Medallion

Classic Design: The Language of Architectural Columns

American Architecture: The Elements of Craftsman Style Columns

9 Crown Molding Types to Raise the Bar on Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Top 5 Most Beautiful Fiberglass Column installations of 2014

Introducing The New Column Builder Tool

A Polyurethane Balustrade System After 10 Years

6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Polyurethane Balustrade System

Benefits of Roller Shutters for Commercial Establishments

13 Pro Tips for Crown Molding

How to Correctly Cut Fiberglass Columns

Frequently Asked Questions About Polyurethane

Fiberglass Columns in Cleveland Ohio

How to Prepare the Exterior of Your Home for Hard Winter

5 Outstanding Reasons to Use Aluminum Columns

Custom Moulding for Lyric Theatre in Birmingham Alabama

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Polyurethane Porch Railings?

5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Porch Columns

How to Choose the Right Size Architectural Column

5 Simple Steps to Removing Trim Moulding

9 Major Benefits of Using a Polyurethane Balustrade System

Top 5 Most Popular Porch Column Capitals and What They Cost

Where to Buy Porch Columns; What is the Cost?

Which Architectural Column Material is the Most Affordable?

What You Need to Know About Greek Revival Home's

Wood Substitutes For Your Porch With Heavy Architectural Details

10 Basic Principles When Restoring A Home's Architectural Details

The History of Architectural Columns

Polymer Stone Balustrade on a Charleston Single Style Home

How To Quickly Dress Up Your Outdoor Space With Minimal Effort

How To Correctly Paint Fiberglass Columns

How To Install An Aluminum Railing System

How To Install Polyurethane Louvers

How To Build A Crown Moulding Miter Box

How To Join Split Fiberglass Columns

How To Install Fiberglass Columns

How To Measure For Window Arches

The Major Benefits Of Using An Aluminum Deck Railing System

Benefits Of Using Fiberglass Porch Columns

How Architectural Details Can Help Your Curb Appeal

5 Ways To Prevent Wood Columns From Rotting

Polyurethane Brackets And Corbels - The Difference & How To Use Them

PVC Porch Railings Vs. Aluminum Porch Railings

The Made in America House

The Five Scariest Trends Facing Custom Home builders

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Column Covers

4 Great Reasons To Use Aluminum Railings

How do You Secure Your Front Porch Columns to Prevent Wind Uplift?

What Are Arched Window Treatments & Window Heads?

Renovation Checklists & Guides - Printable Content

Amazingly Lite Columns You Probably Never Knew About

How To Install Decorative Capitals & Split Capitals

Outstanding Truths About Aluminum Columns

Outstanding Wood Like Polyurethane Products

Wood Columns & Pillars - The Rotting Solution

Concrete Columns Versus Stone Columns, What's The Best Solution?

The First Known Architect in History

Balustrades And Handrails: Benefits and Relevance

Country Porch Columns, Porches, And Plans

6 Ways to Add Colossal Value to Your Home

4 Critical Questions to Ask a Contractor Before You Hire Them

A Unique Collection of Polyurethane Architectural Millwork

How to Fit your Polyurethane Entrance System around Your Door.

Fiberglass Column & Polyurethane Balustrade System install – Florida

3 Tips to Minimize Joints Between Polyurethane Crown Molding Sections

5 Steps - How to Install Balustrade Systems up to Round Porch Columns

Non-Tapered Fiberglass Column Installation near Atlanta, GA

Fiberglass Column, Polyurethane Balustrade Installation in Dallas, TX

What Are Fluted Architectural Columns?

Fiberglass Columns for Sale; But How Much do They Cost?

5 Biggest Myths about Load Bearing Structural Porch Columns

5 Steps to Prevent Baluster System Headaches. Know Before you Buy!

Custom Brackets & Molding Smyrna, GA

Preparing Your Jobsite Before/ After You Order

Types of Millwork and Trims

North Carolina Porch Column Testimonial

How to Install Crown Molding-DIY

Incredible Residential Balustrade System Installation – Illinois

The Person Behind The Phone - Worthington Millwork

DIY Tool Free Shutter Corner Shelf – With Instructions

Brief History on Columns/ Pillars

Baluster System That Dresses Up a Home!

Intricate Designs on Interior Wood Columns

Architectural Columns for Commercial and Residential Properties

Porch Columns; Easy Way to Add Elegance to Your Home!

DIY Bracket Uses

Benefits of Installing Our Polyurethane Balustrades?

5 Misconceptions About Fiberglass Columns

Need Help With Architectural Column Material?

A New Trend; Shutter Shelves...

Crown Molding Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Creative Solutions for Worthington Medallions

Column Builder Tool

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