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Posted by Worthington Millwork on 10/9/12 9:52 AM

Stone or Fiberglass

What are the main differences between synthetic stone and fiberglass architectural columns?  First, you must know what materials are included within each type of architectural column.  Most stone architectural columns are made up of fiberglass, stone, resins and pigments to give them color.  Most fiberglass columns contain fiberglass, resins, marble and dust.  The main difference between the two is that the stone column is a finished product and the fiberglass column is a product that is designed to be painted.

The main benefit to the stone architectural column is that it is a finished product.  No painting, sanding, or much maintenance is required.  Stone Columns are used when matching certain colors to a building or house and the owner does not want to have to deal with yearly maintenance.

The main benefit to fiberglass architectural columns is that they are low maintenance as well, but they give you the look and appearance of old style and classical homes. Also, by having to paint the fiberglass columns, you will be more able to easily hide a seam in a split column application that is hiding a structural beam.

Both the stone and fiberglass round architectural columns have limited lifetime warranties and are built to last a lifetime.  They add classical elegant features to any home or project while adding strength and endurance.


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