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Crown Molding Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Posted by Worthington Millwork on 8/29/12 1:42 PM

Our Company believes that crown molding isn’t only good for one thing, and to our surprise many other people feel the same way! Molding in general seems to be the “go-to” product when sprucing up your home. It is very versatile and can be very inexpensive. It has the ability to bring many different feels to a room no matter what your personality is, you can typically find the look you are going for. People have used them to make stairs like in the image above, frames, shoe racks, and shelves. You can even make a great headboard out of them! Remember. You can never use up all of your creativity, the more you use the more you have. The possibilities are always endless!

This is a great look for a television. Creating a border with some great Worthington crown molding turns your plain T.V into wall art! When doing this you do need to be aware of the distance from your wall to your T.V. This is called the projection and you will need this measurement when ordering your crown molding!

Another great idea is to use crown molding as a shoe rack. Who would have thought right? This is a very easy way to get all of those shoes off the bottom of your closets! By using this idea and combining it with our next idea, you could almost have a entire closet makeover.

This is possibly our favorite idea! Using crown molding for decorative shelves is a great idea! With so many different measurements and styles you can create such a unique look! With so many different ways to use crown molding it is definitely hard to pick which one you want to use. My suggestions is to go to our molding section and start by picking your favorite molding! After that all your ideas should come to life! Happy crafting!

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