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Fiberglass Columns in Cleveland Ohio

Posted by Worthington Millwork on 1/20/14 1:19 PM

We were contacted by a customer to provide Columnssome very large fiberglass columns for his home he was building. We love the challenge of making perfect large custom columns like these because it is exciting for us! So he liked the price and we started the amazing process of building these columns. I want to say we turned them around in a 5 week lead time which is pretty amazing. The size is 22" in diameter and 17' high.

We were really excited to get these images because we rarely get to see our product on the actual home of the purchaser. Generally we make it, ship it, then never see it again. Getting images from our buyers really helps us realize how much of an impact our products make on a home. The character architectural details can give a home is absolutely outstanding. Isn’t that what everyone wants in home; character?

Fiberglass Columns
Large fiberglass columns on federal style home.

Although this looks like an old federal style home, it is actually new construction. The contractor did a really great job at replicating this particular style. The overall project took nearly a year to build but well worth the wait.

The fiberglass columns on this project have a tuscan capital and base (which are always the most popular). Although not very noticeable they are also fluted. They make the perfect statement for this classic home!

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