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How Much Do Porch Columns Cost?

Posted by Holli McRae on 1/7/16 10:28 AM

extra3-1.jpgThe vertical support that holds up your porch roof should not be taken lightly. Porch columns are pretty important for someone to have on their home. They come in all different shapes and sizes and with that comes all different prices. Because of that, it should come as no surprise that prices are all over the place!

There are so many different things that can affect the price. Here are a few...

  • Column material (stone, wood, PVC, FRP, aluminum, fiberglass)
  • Height
  • Diameter
  • Shaft style (plain, fluted, recessed panel, raised panel, tapered, non tapered etc.)
  • Capital style (decorative or plain)
  • Capital material (polyurethane, Fiberglass, plaster)
  • Base style (tuscan or attic)
  • Base material (polyurethane, fiberglass, plastic)
  • Cut plan (split or whole)
  • Wood species (different wood species have a different cost)
  • Fire rating
  • Warranty
  • American made or imported knock off

Now that you know how many different options there are that can affect the price. Let's get down to the pricing basics. Obviously something that holds up your porch is not going to come cheap. First thing first, you DO NOT want a porch column that has been imported from another country. The reason for this is because there are different material standards there. They may have chemicals that are OK there but are not here (lead in primer and freon used for cleaning out molds). Also, would you really want a knock off product holding up your porch?

Now that we covered that, the warranty and fire rating should also be something that is important. If you are spending a good amount on this, why would you ever want to have to do it again? Many columns come with a lifetime warranty and that is your best bet.


OK, so we have come to the pricing portion. You are looking at anywhere from $120 to thousands of dollars per column. See, we told you it was a wide range! Honestly though Aluminum columns and PVC columns are going to be your cheapest options. PVC is not load bearing so these will not hold up your porch and you are not able to get these in round. Aluminum is load bearing but only comes in a fluted style (if you want round columns).

If you want something that comes with all the best features and is also a decent price, you will want a fiberglass, or frp column. These columns will range anywhere from $190 to the thousands (you are looking at some REALLY big columns for them to cost that much). This truly depends on the decorative options that you choose. Luckily with these material options no matter what decorative choices you make, you will still get a lifetime warranty, load bearing, rot resistant column.

Note: Each company that sells columns will have different warranties, make sure to compare them.

Online Pricing

Online pricing gets a little tricky. You can obviously buy porch columns online without talking to someone. But what happens when it breaks during shipping? These columns can't ship via FedEx or UPS unfortunately. These have to be shipped on a large freight truck. It is really important to talk someone through the buying process. Luckily there is a really great column builder tool where you can build out your very own column to perfection and have a quote emailed to you hassle free. What you really want, and honestly what you really need is a personal rep that can be there from start to finish. This way, everything goes smoothly. Pricing that you will find online is not really any different but you just don't get that one on one help that most people need when buying porch columns.


Check out this video that compares fiberglass porch columns to wood porch columns.


Column Builder Tool

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Column Builder Tool

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