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Pergolas Pump Up Curb Appeal

Posted on 5/25/15 1:35 PM
When the temperature started climbing this spring, my husband and I realized it was time to turn our attention to the outside of our house, most importantly the garage. Not only is it in need of some major repairs, but it's crying for a dose of jazzification in the form of a pergola.

A wall-mounted pergola is the ultimate garage accessory. Traditionally mounted above the garage door with brackets supporting it from below, pergolas feature purlins that sit directly on rafters. Architecturally, they act as a focal point that connects and intrigues, and — best of all — they increase your property's curb appeal.
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Houzz News - Meet Our Future of Architecture Winners

Posted on 5/22/15 9:34 AM
Houzz and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) this year launched the Future of Architecture Residential Design Contest and Showcase to increase public awareness of the impact that good design can have on our lives. One of the biggest challenges for architects early in their careers is getting visibility for their work — the type of exposure that brings opportunities for jobs or a first built project. So Houzz and the AIA teamed up to spotlight talented emerging architects and share their work with Houzz’s 30 million users.

The contest, open to new architects and architecture students, had participants vying for a chance to collaborate with Houzz on a community revitalization project. Other prizes included $5,000 to invest in their architecture career and an expenses-paid trip to the 2015 AIA National Convention and Design Exposition in Atlanta. Winners were determined by the Houzz community, and they are …
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Renovation Detail: The Chippendale Balustrade

Posted on 5/18/15 9:00 AM
In my quest to replace the iron railings on our front porch, I discovered the Chippendale balustrade and fell in love. Affectionately inspired by the work of Thomas Chippendale, an 18th-century English furniture maker, the fretwork is also influenced by Asian designs trends.

The geometric pattern is typically set within a rectangular frame and is often repeated. With careful mathematical calculations, a skilled craftsperson is able to construct the regimented balustrade, which is often found on porches, decks, widow walks and staircases.

The next time you find yourself in a historic neighborhood with well-preserved homes, take a look-see at the balustrades. You're guaranteed to stumble upon a Chippendale or two. Heck, even Thomas Jefferson used them at Monticello.
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Outdoor Rooms: The Perfect Pergola

Posted on 5/14/15 1:33 PM
If you've been thinking about how to add more elegance to your terrace, patio or deck, a pergola could be the perfect choice. This beautiful structure is a wonderful way to define your outdoor space without closing it in. Pergolas are classic, architectural features that often covered the walkways in Italian Renaissance gardens. A pergola makes a versatile addition to any outdoor living area because it can be customized to fit the style of your yard, whether it's formal or casual. Pergolas don't provide full shelter, but their openness is what provides that look of simple elegance.
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Lean on Me: Balustrades and Rails Through the Ages to Today

Posted on 5/13/15 11:06 AM
Whether you live in a cottage by the sea, a cabin in the mountains, an apartment in the sky or even a bungalow on a suburban street, the veranda is one architectural element that stays in high regard. The balustrades and rails on our verandas not only protect loved ones, but they also harmonize with all the other important details of an exterior — occasionally becoming the standout feature.

Let the interesting balustrade and rail styles below inspire details on your own veranda.
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How to Install a Polyurethane Newel Post in 6 Steps

Posted on 4/14/15 11:00 AM

Newel post are a crucially important design element for your polyurethane rail system. These can seem a little tricky to install but they are pretty simple. We have put together a little video to explain how the installation of the newel post works. We also have a video explaining how to install the top and bottom rail.

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Simple Fiberglass Column Flashlight Test

Posted on 4/6/15 9:06 AM

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5 Mind Blowing False Beliefs About Fiberglass Columns

Posted on 3/26/15 1:13 PM

Believe it or not there are so many different variables when it comes to fiberglass columns. Many have created false beliefs about this product that could potentially cause installation and purchase errors without knowing the facts.


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Top 5 Ceiling Medallion Uses for 2015

Posted on 3/16/15 9:36 AM

In Today’s economy everyone is looking for creative ways to design living spaces using items in a way they ordinarily wouldn’t; such as ceiling medallions. This trend has seemingly exploded since our first post about this in 2012.

Ceiling Medallions are a very versatile product. Using them as a table base with a baluster shaft makes for an adorable side table. Painting these with bright vibrant colors can bring a dull room alive with a pop of color coming from an unexpected place.

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11 Ways To Repurpose Shutters

Posted on 3/9/15 10:24 AM
Due to budget constraints and landfill guilt, I'm on a repurposing streak lately. When I look around Houzz, my eyes are peeled for interesting objects used in different ways. The other day I stumbled across a headboard made of old shutters and thanks to our handy-dandy keyword search function, I was able to find a slew of ways that architects, interior designers and design bloggers are repurposing shutters. Here are eleven you shouldn't miss.
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Make a Mark With Medallions

Posted on 3/2/15 10:13 AM
Decorative medallions, well known for adding beautiful detail to the top of a hanging light fixture, are no longer just on the ceiling. Just take a look at the creative ways people have used these decorative medal-like accents to enhance their interiors, from traditional to contemporary spaces. It seems like any flat surface can use some "medallioning." Take a look at these photos, and see what I mean:
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Porch Life: 11 Inspirational Small Porches

Posted on 2/23/15 8:39 AM
While I love the large two-story porches in Low Country homes and long wraparound porches on farmhouses, their smaller counterparts hold just as much appeal. You don't need hundreds of square feet to create a charming and welcoming porch. As long as you have a place to sit, a porch of any size is a wonderful covered outdoor space you'll enjoy from spring through fall. Here's a look at some modest porches that add miles of charm and great livable space.

Key Measurements to Help You Design the Perfect Front Porch

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Key Measurements to Help You Design the Perfect Front Porch

Posted on 2/16/15 8:38 AM

Front porches nearly disappeared from new homes in the late 20th century, but our fondness for them remains. The porch allows a gracious and practical transition from public to private — a place where one can soak up the late-summer sun, visit with neighbors, watch a thunderstorm pass, greet arriving guests or just shake off the umbrella and remove dirty shoes. For a porch to function for all these purposes, a few key dimensions and configurations should be taken into consideration.

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Renovation Detail: The Built-In Room Divider

Posted on 2/11/15 9:27 AM
Creating a classic Arts and Crafts built-in room divider is on our list of must-do renovations. The traditional design combines form and function to define two or more spaces elegantly . These dividers help to organize large spaces while maintaining an open floor plan and keeping rooms bright and airy. Most have square, tapered columns and storage, but new variations create the same effect.

Does your home have a space well suited for a built-in room divider? Take a look at these ideas and see if one sparks inspiration.
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7 Ideas to Get You Back on the Front Porch

Posted on 2/4/15 9:07 AM
The front porch has evolved along with the quickening pace of everyday life. Porches were originally designed to create a more tolerable living space — a place for rest, relaxation and cooling breezes. Their decline can be attributed to many things: air conditioning, cars, radios, televisions, backyard decks. But despite modern conveniences, we can still revive the front porch, restoring and enjoying its quaint beauty.

Using this space not only
can improve the look of our house, but can better the quality of our lives as we spend more time with family, friends and neighbors. Here are some ways to use the porch as it was originally intended.
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What is a Architectural Column Cut Plan?

Posted on 1/26/15 12:40 PM

You would think that selecting the architectural columns you want for your home would be just as easy as it sounds. But that couldn't be further from the truth. When it comes to columns there are so many different choices and options - from material, height, diameter and capital decoration to whether you want the column split or whole.

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Global Architecture Style: Victorian

Posted on 1/22/15 1:30 PM
For most people, the term "Victorian architecture" defines a diverse but singular style. The reality is that this term encompasses several architectural styles, all of which were used during the mid to late 19th century. The name, of course, comes from the reigning British queen at the time: Queen Victoria.

Victorian homeowners were very social; dinner parties took place several times a week and consisted of pre- and post meal activities. For these socialites, having a home that was impressive and built in the latest style was key. (The ornate look was soon spurned, however, by the development of new construction technology, particularly the availability of affordable wood and the ability to incorporate steel into buildings.)

Although Victorian architecture is rooted in England, it quickly spread worldwide as British architects started to emigrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Eventually, improved communications in the 19th century began to inform international architects of the latest and greatest styles and trends, and the Victorian influence grew.
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Worthington Millwork Best of Houzz 2015 Award Winner

Posted on 1/19/15 9:15 AM

Worthington Millwork, LLC of Panama City Beach Receives Best Of Houzz 2015 Award

Over 25 Million Monthly Unique Users Rated Top-Rated Home Building, Remodeling and Design Professionals in the United States and Around the World


January 19, 2015Worthington Millwork, LLC of Panama City Beach has been awarded “Best Of Houzz” for Customer Satisfaction by Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. The 30 year old American made architectural product company was chosen by the more than 25 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than 500,000 active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.


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Roots of Style: Classical Details Flourish in 21st-Century Architecture

Posted on 1/12/15 12:30 PM
Ancient Greece and Rome obviously provide the origins of classical architecture. What makes the subject relevant today is the high number of buildings and houses throughout Europe and America that have been designed with the aesthetics that developed in ancient times, and the interpretations that followed. While modern design theory relinquishes precedent for inspiration and formulation, there are still basic principles that great architecture relies upon: Symmetry, hierarchy, repetition and proportion are a few. The fact that classical architecture strictly follows these principles makes it an important architectural discipline to appreciate even today.

In the U.S. classical architecture has experienced three significant historical phases, in addition to its use today.
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How to Hire an Architectural Photographer

Posted on 1/9/15 11:00 AM
Although digital cameras have made it much easier for architects, interior designers and contractors to record their work, there often comes a point when you need something a little better than what your $100 Canon can produce. Portfolios, contest entries and advertising all benefit from crisp, clear images that bring the attributes of a project to life. That’s when an architectural photographer can help.

But how do you find one? What will it cost? And will there be limitations on how you can use the images afterward? We asked a few architectural photographers across the United States for guidance.

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