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A Complete Guide to Rustic Wood Beams

Posted on 4/11/18 5:21 PM

Engineered materials are answering the call for architectural products that are high-performing, durable, and support the conservation of our country's natural resources - especially our dwindling timber reserves. Rustic Wood Beams and other high-density polyurethane (HDP) products are a major part of a growing construction trend to use sustainable methods and materials which reduce waste and uses natural resources efficiently. Polyurethanes offer the architectural and construction industry a versatility that is unparalleled - as it is used for many architectural and building components. 

Polyurethane products are available for use in a wide range of residential and commercial applications. This high performing rigid resin is used as insulation in walls, floors, and roofs, as a sealant or foam around windows and doors, in engineered lumber and plywoods such as Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), and in many innovative architectural products such Rustic Wood ceiling beams and other interior/exterior architectural products which simulate the beauty of real wood.

According to This Old House experts:

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