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Why Fiberglass Cornice Mouldings are an Excellent Choice

Posted on 9/10/19 5:00 AM

Many elements help make a building distinguishable from all the others around it. A cornice is an excellent example of these elements. Designed to direct rainwater, snow and debris away from the wall, a cornice can also significantly add to the beauty of your project. However, this depends on the material used. A fiberglass cornice, for instance, has the potential to make a huge difference to the entire structure, not only aesthetically but also in functionality.

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The Benefits of Choosing Fiberglass Cornices

Posted on 9/4/19 5:00 AM

Whether you are looking to give your building's exterior a makeover, or you are designing a new home, choosing the right cornices can help to give your finished project an elegant and polished look. However, if you are unfamiliar with architecture and building design, you may not be sure what cornices are, or which ones you should choose for your project. Cornices are a molded or decorated projection that tops a building wall or architectural feature. While cornices once served an architectural function, they are now mainly used as decoration to enhance the look of a building. However, cornices can help to throw rainwater off of the face of a building, protecting the siding and foundation from water damage. If you are considering adding cornices to your home or storefront, then you may want to consider the benefits fiberglass cornices can provide, as these cornices provide a variety of benefits over other traditional cornice materials such as timber, stone, and plaster.  Here are just a few of the reasons fiberglass should be the material of choice when adding cornices to any building. 


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Fiberglass Exterior Cornice: Why You Need It

Posted on 8/27/19 5:00 AM

A cornice is the decorated projection used as crowning at the top of the wall of a building or an architectural element. In the modern architectural world, a cornice is mostly used as a decorative item rather than just for functional purposes.

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How to Help Your Customers Maintain their Exterior Cornice for Longevity

Posted on 8/20/19 5:00 AM

For many contractors, trying to blend service with customer-centricity can be tough. You want to provide best-in-class construction elements, but you also want to "wow" the customer with your in-depth knowledge and strategic advice.

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Three Reasons to Enhance Your Property with Cornices

Posted on 1/24/19 6:00 AM

From Ancient Greece with Love

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines a cornice as "the decorated projection at the top of a wall," but that bare definition fails to conjure up the elegance that a well-carved cornice can add to a building. A better introduction is to think about the etymology of the word cornice, which comes from the Greek word for "curved" and also gives us the English word "crown." A cornice is the decorative carved stone that sticks out from where the wall and the roof meet. In many ways, it's the crown of the building.

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Exterior Cornices: What They Are and Why Your Building May Need Them

Posted on 11/8/18 6:00 AM

When you're ready to renovate, the exterior of your building can matter just as much as the interior. There are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to exterior appeal, including color, style, material, and architectural elements. An exterior cornice is one such element, which can be added to the outside of a building for an immediate and long-lasting impact.

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