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Architectural Detail Experts | A Blog by Worthington Millwork

How To Build A Crown Moulding Miter Box

Posted on 6/13/13 1:44 PM

Installing crown moulding, like playing the piano, takes practice. Unlike playing the piano, however, most people can get the hang of it with only a little practice. Before you take the time to become a master, however, you may want more information on preassembled corner pieces that simplify the project tremendously.

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The Made in America House

Posted on 5/8/13 1:30 PM

A Montana builder set out to improve the country's employment rate by sourcing American-made building materials throughout an entire home.

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Renovation Checklists & Guides - Printable Content

Posted on 4/17/13 12:56 PM
Selecting the right company for your home remodeling project can be one of the hardest phases in the building process. How do you know if you’ve got the right company for your project? Can you trust them to do what needs to be done and that they will educate you about the decisions you will be making? Is the company structured to help with the design and the building? If you do your homework to decide how you want your project to be handled, you can make the project a great experience and one you will be happy with for years to come.
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Outstanding Wood Like Polyurethane Products

Posted on 4/8/13 9:26 AM

Introducing the Rustic America Collection

The Rustic America Collection from Worthington Millwork offers a distinctive architectural elegance which will provide your home with beautiful curb appeal unlike any other in your neighborhood. We offer the finest quality and workmanship in both our “Pecky Cypress” and “Natural Wood Grain”.

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6 Ways to Add Colossal Value to Your Home

Posted on 3/13/13 1:30 PM

Everyone is always looking for ways to add value to their home.Especially if they are trying to sell their home. We have come up with a few ways that you can add great value to your home without spending to much money. Be sure to get the full Ebook for more in depth discussions.

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4 Critical Questions to Ask a Contractor Before You Hire Them

Posted on 3/4/13 11:48 AM

1. Is your company bonded and insured?   

First let’s break down the two items in the questions.  
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A Unique Collection of Polyurethane Architectural Millwork

Posted on 2/22/13 2:01 PM

Introducing the Coral Collection

The Coral Collection from Worthington Millwork is a unique collection of polyurethane products. This collection is inspired by the sea to make coral replications in a millwork application. This collection isnt available everywhere, and you may not be able to do much research online regarding the product. It is rare!

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3 Tips to Minimize Joints Between Polyurethane Crown Molding Sections

Posted on 2/11/13 3:43 PM

One of the biggest problems/complaints that we get after our client installs crown moldings is, “how do I cover up the joints that are between my molding sections?”  It is normal for every building product to expand and contract during hot and cold temperatures and polyurethane crown molding is no exception.  This type of crown molding can be used for interior and exterior uses so extreme hot and cold temperatures will be tested on the molding.  This however is a problem that needs to be resolved during installation as once the crown molding is installed there is very little that can be done to resolve seeing the seam. By following these three tips below you can minimize, if not eliminate, the potential threat of that seam that can become quite the eye-soar after a finished installation.

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Custom Brackets & Molding Smyrna, GA

Posted on 1/24/13 2:59 PM

Worthington’s exterior polyurethane millwork was used for the exterior cornices on the New Smyrna Elementary School in Smyrna, Georgia by the architectural firm Cunningham, Forehand, Matthews & Moore.  The polyurethane material was selected by the architect due to the custom trim profiles that can be detailed with the flat board and radius shapes which give them a finished product that is aesthetically pleasing.  Worthington provided two custom exterior brackets for the project application which were used by the architect to give the fascia more character. The crisp lines and radius details on this fascia and custom brackets are very difficult to achieve with other exterior products. 

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Preparing Your Jobsite Before/ After You Order

Posted on 1/21/13 2:04 PM
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Types of Millwork and Trims

Posted on 1/18/13 1:12 PM


A decorative device generally placed at the top of a column

Chair rail

Surround room at chair back height to prevent scuffing and damage to walls.


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How to Install Crown Molding-DIY

Posted on 1/15/13 3:53 PM

Jason Cameron shares quick tips on how to install crown molding. This video is part of "Man Caves" hosted by Jason Cameron.

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Crown Molding Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Posted on 8/29/12 1:42 PM

Our Company believes that crown molding isn’t only good for one thing, and to our surprise many other people feel the same way! Molding in general seems to be the “go-to” product when sprucing up your home. It is very versatile and can be very inexpensive. It has the ability to bring many different feels to a room no matter what your personality is, you can typically find the look you are going for. People have used them to make stairs like in the image above, frames, shoe racks, and shelves. You can even make a great headboard out of them! Remember. You can never use up all of your creativity, the more you use the more you have. The possibilities are always endless!

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