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Top 5 Most Beautiful Fiberglass Column installations of 2014

Posted on 7/29/14 12:29 PM

1. The Elegant Texas Home

This beautiful Texas home features not just Worthington fiberglass columns but also a polyurethane balustrade system. They attached the balustrade system right up against the columns for a seamless look. 

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How to Correctly Cut Fiberglass Columns

Posted on 2/10/14 9:57 AM
Fiberglass columns are used in interior and exterior building applications, and can be custom cut to size to fit your project design. Have a question? Get answers from an expert now!

If you are not comfortable with cutting your own columns to height Worthington Millwork can always cut the columns for you.

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How To Join Split Fiberglass Columns

Posted on 6/10/13 9:52 AM

There are many reason that someone may want to use split columns. These columns are for decoration purposes only. Any pole that you may not like (maybe on your porch or in your basement) column wraps can certainly make them beautiful to look at.

The Split Kit includes everything needed to install a split column. Columns that are split to surround a structural support should be installed similarly to un-split columns. However, the following procedures should be followed when putting the split halves back together:

1. Split columns are shipped from the factory with m

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Concrete Columns Versus Stone Columns, What's The Best Solution?

Posted on 4/1/13 11:03 AM

Concrete columns and our Polymer Stone columnsPolymer Stone Columns have almost the same look after the install is complete. They are however very different and offer different pro's and con's. We have determined based on the features below that the best suitable column between the two are definitely Polymer Stone columns. Concrete columns are simply not easy to manage or install. Residential homeowners definitely need an application that can improve the look of their home without breaking their back or bank. Also available in the stone is the option to have your column fluted. This feature allows you to have a great decorative look to your column. You can also add decorative capitals. One of the plus sides of concrete columns that we see used often here in Florida is the use of etched designs within the column. This is something that can not be done with the stone. This is typically done with commercial projects however it is a nice touch if you are not bothered by the weight.

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Country Porch Columns, Porches, And Plans

Posted on 3/18/13 10:05 AM

Porches aren’t just stylish; they’re also green. Instead of sitting in conditioned space, buyers are encouraged to relax outside. And unlike some other energy-saving features, this one brings impressive curb appeal.

Warm Welcome

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