front porch-1There is nothing more welcoming or inviting than a beautiful, nicely decorated front porch. Redesigning your front porch and refreshing the exterior view of your home can rejuvenate the look of your home! There are a few simple things you can do that won’t break the bank in order to create in inviting and personalized front porch! With a few pieces of furniture and some color, you can completely transform your front porch without completely overspending.

Paint It!

A splash of color may be just what your porch needs. There’s no reason you can’t change up the color scheme of your porch every once in a while. Just a simple coat of paint can completely transform any porch! If you have shutters, you can consider a new coat of paint to totally change the look and update your windows. You can even paint the floors of your porch whether it’s a stain on natural wood or painting concrete. It adds a unique and tasteful flare visitors are sure to notice! Try an eye-catching pop of color or go with something neutral and classic. Painting is not super expensive and there options like spray paint that can make it even easier to turn this into a quick DIY project! Whether you are going for rustic or modern, something as simple as painting can help you achieve the look you want to achieve.

The front door is an excellent opportunity to create a pop of color! Stencils and wording or numbering can be painted onto your front door adding a chic touch that will be the first thing guests notice! It’s a super quick touch that makes all the difference in the world and costs next to nothing to do!

Furniture: Old & New

Patio furniture is a huge part of finishing the look you want to create. Depending on the style of porch you are designing, a vintage or antique piece that is refurbished and brought back to life might be what is needed! This can be easy to do on a budget. Bargain hunting for patio furniture can be a blast. Try searching antique stores and flea markets for pieces that speak to your individual style. Sometimes transforming the old into something new can create a look that is totally unique.

If you have a piece of furniture that needs to be reupholstered, a simple piece of fabric can be an opportunity to add new dimensions and patterns to your porch. A couch cushion with a colorful fabric can set the color scheme for your porch. You can even mix and match pillows and colors to make it even more vibrant!

Eye-Catching Plants

During the spring and summer months, you have the opportunity to transform your porch into a floral and visually stunning scene. Pick your favorite flowers, even something cheap and inexpensive can make all the difference in the world. Old pots can be used and scattered throughout your porch landscape or in hanging baskets to add an extra flair and create an eye-popping focal point for your home. Even in the winter, if you’re someone who loves color year-round, just use faux plants and flowers to maintain a fresh and inviting appeal to your porch!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, furniture, and new patterns and plants when redesigning and refresh the look of your front porch! In order to revamp on a budget, be versatile and thrifty when looking for new pieces to add to your porch. Use old items and new to save some money and maybe have some fun while you’re at it!

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